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High efficiency lithium battery

High performance lithium battery designed for high current discharge, i.e. 150A and 200A DC for 10 minutes.


Powerful vehicle charging

The built-in 60A battery booster can provide a full charge with approximately 1,5 hours to 2 hours of driving.



Inverters of different sizes can be used, from 700W to 2000W. A 2kW combi can also be used to charge from shore power.


Easy installation

While the installation of the distributed unit takes hours, the ENERGY HUB is equipped with plug-and-play cables and can be installed in just 15 minutes.


Mobile monitoring via the cloud

MEH integrates a Bluetooth support application for the cell phone. With an additional data key, fleet management can be done remotely via the cloud.


• Designed with a 12V DC 100An lithium battery, it can withstand high discharge current

• 150A continuous discharge

• 200A discharge for 10 minutes

• Built-in active BMS and accurate battery monitor

• With the built-in lithium battery heater, the Energy Hub can automatically heat the lithium battery cell at low temperature to ensure safe charging during winter, but only when external charging resources are detected

• The integrated 12V DC 60A charger booster can fully charge the battery in 1.5 to 2 hours depending on driving conditions and temperature

• Integrated battery switch, which can be turned off via MEH

• Built-in dry contact output with programmable battery charge percentage to provide a signal to start the engine when the battery is low – default value is 20%


Unlike traditional systems consisting of lead-acid batteries and individual products, the ENERGY HUB features an integrated design with a high-performance lithium battery that keeps the total weight at 19kg and has a much smaller footprint.


HUB ENERGY consists of the following components:

Onduleur eRAY - Série IH

eRAY Inverter – IH Series

IH series inverters can be used to power AC loads such as microwaves and power tools


External MEH – Monitor system

• Monitor

• Battery charge display

• Inverter output data: voltage, current, power

• Power on/off Energy Hub and UPS

• With Bluetooth connectivity for support via mobile APP

Onduleur kinergier mobile

Bidirectional inverter
Kinergier Mobile

• The CM2.0L 2kW combo can be used

• Recharge completely from the 230V mains in one hour

• Supply any heavy inductive load such as an air compressor, electric saw, etc.


External data logging cable

Optional GPRS or Wifi version can operate cloud-based fleet management at an additional cost to monitor the daily performance of the installed Energy Hub.

Discover below our catalog of electrical products


Onduleur - bidirectionnel Kinergier Mobile-2

Bidirectional inverter

Kinergier Mobile


Kinergier Mobile is a new generation of bidirectional inverters that can be used in hybrid generator systems. It offers innovative electrical assistance and power control functions.


Combined Inverter Charger

Energier Mobile


Energier Mobile offers reliability, high performance and advanced efficiency. Its distinctive surge capacity powers the most demanding equipment.


Combined Inverter Charger

Energier Pro


Energier Pro is specially developed for mobile and marine power systems and integrates multiple functions, including a powerful battery charger, a floating charge, a true wave inverter.


Pure sine
wave inverter

eRAY series


The eRAY inverter can provide stable pure sine wave AC power for various loads in a vehicle, such as power tools, coffee machines, microwave ovens or sensitive electronic equipment.



Battery charger

NEMO series


Nemo DX/DDX is a 12V/24V battery charger (also known as DC-DC charger or booster charger) that adopts the dual input technology, which can simultaneously charge an auxiliary battery from a vehicle alternator and a suitable solar panel.


Battery charger

NEMO series


The DMT/DM is powered by the alternator to properly and quickly charge the auxiliary battery while you drive. It is compatible with Euro 6 engine. The DMT/DM can maintain the charge with stable output thanks to the intelligent alternator.

Battery charger



Combined with state-of-the-art technology and our knowledge of batteries, the Trident intelligent battery charger is specifically designed for mobile and marine applications and is an ideal solution for onboard battery charging.



Lithium battery

M12 series

12VDC 100Ah / 12VDC 400Ah

TBB’s M12 series of lithium iron phosphate batteries have a high continuous discharge current, making them one of the best batteries on the market. They can handle heavy equipment such as air conditioners, safes, microwave ovens and other automotive applications.

Other components


MPPT solar charge controller


-12vdc : 24vdc / 48vdc

Solar Mate is a solar charge controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) process, which allows to increase the output of a solar photovoltaic panel by up to 30% compared to non-MPPT designs.


Battery management

Battery monitoring kit

TBB’s battery monitoring kit consists of an accurate battery shunt and a display panel. This kit can support 2 batteries and can display real time data of your battery system.



Solar panel


prise usb ET 54

USB charger

ET 54

5V 2A x 2

ET54 is designed to meet the growing need to charge smartphones and tablets. It can be easily installed on any vehicle and can charge two smartphones at 2A.


AC electrical component

AC power BOX FB15

The FB15 has been designed for an on-board power system with inverter charger. Other models can be adapted.

Other IDM Technologie products

A range of innovative products for life on board vehicles


Multimedia management

Terrestrial Antenna | Satellite antenna
DVBT2/S2/4K television
 GPS / Android
Rearview camera| Vision 360°


Monitoring & Diagnostic

Battery capacity, autonomy
Heating management
Information about water levels, temperature, vehicle levels, gas


LED diffusion technology

Flexible LED
Contemporary design
Unmatched light diffusion
Reduced power consumption